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Prayer Request for Bert Edgecom

From Sandy Lennon, Bert daughter.

Dad is still struggling and not ready for returning to church. I believe it best for us to remove ourselves from the tea and catering schedule for the next few months.

Dad’s recovery is happening, but at a very slow pace. He is going through an exceptionally tough time. The Tambo hospital messed up with his medication and it has had a huge effect on dad.

He is only just starting to get an understanding on how move his body without it taking a form a fit. His muscles spasm and then he cannot move until it passes. It was incredibly painful and frightening for dad. Dad can now take a few steps and but then is exhausted. He still takes mini fits but they are manageable in comparison to the previous ones. At least he is eating with some interest again.

Pray for our Country

Please pray for our country. There are so many people in South Africa that live without hope of eternal life in Christ. Pray that they would hear the Gospel and be receptive to it so that they can be saved.